Porcelain Dolls by Me
Over-wash Method for China Painting

Porcelain Dolls by Me, provides a website with a linking PDF on the over-wash method for China Painting. In the file there are lovely visuals assisting the numbered steps in its tutorial showing the equipment needed and how each step is meant to look so it is easy to follow. Some tools and equipment that you will need in order to carry out this process include; a square shader, a china mop, detail brush, palette knife, wipe-out tool, tile, an old cotton t-shirt and a make-up sponge. Paint that is used is dry china paint, and oil based media will be needed too. The over-wash method for china painting is a great way to give the porcelain a nice skin tone that looks more realistic. To highlight particular areas of the doll, the square shader will be used to get paint from the lighter side of the tile so that it can be used on places such as the knuckles and the nails. Once the doll is fired, the over-washed method will have highlighted the knuckles and nails for a more authentic detailing. Anyone trying the over-wash method for the first time will be pleasantly surprised with the results if the follow the steps in the PDF.


Stanecs Dolls
Technique Sheet

A certified artisan guild instructor, Evelyn Stanbury, has created a technique sheet for painting Heubach’s pouty Bille Doll, and although not all of us are working on a Bille Doll, the tips that are given can easily be applied to others. Some of the tips that are given include painting the lashes and upper rim, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, and eye and nose dots. For each area there is information and tips on how to apply the paint, and what this will do to the overall look of the doll. Tips are also combined with what colours to use and how to combine them. At the top of the page there is a list of the types of paints, brushes and other equipment needed for the painting of the porcelain doll. Not only is this page useful for tips on how to apply the paint but it is very handy for anyone wanting to make a child doll, and more specifically a boy. Images assist readers with a visual of how each stage will look. Visuals are especially handy if you wish to modify the steps to incorporate some of the tips but with some variation, such as the eyebrows if you wanted to make them more feminine.

Pour a Porcelain doll mold

Denise Van Patten’s article on about.com, goes through how to pour a porcelain mold step-by-step. She outlines in the article exactly what you need to do and how to do it, to ensure a perfect, clean porcelain doll mold will be created. People will find this especially helpful if you have never poured a porcelain mold before, as it can become a tricky procedure. You want to be careful when pouring the mold out of the slip because if you let it pour too quickly and lapse out then it could collapse the shape of the head. You also do not want to force the mold out when it is not ready. If the mold is not ready then the face or other body part you are making may come apart. Denise includes a list of materials that would be needed during the process such as the mold, rubber bands, the porcelain slip and the stirrer. About.com also provides links to other articles, suggested readings and even videos on the porcelain doll-making subject, making it a useful general resource for doll making. Porcelain mold is the one of the most crucial elements of making your own doll, so it is important to do it correctly and this article would be of great help for anyone planning on making their own molds.

All About Dolls

In order to finish your porcelain doll you will need to decide upon the type of wig you would like to use. First you will need to figure out if you want it to have a more antique, Victorian look for the doll or slightly more modern. You will also need to decide on the hair colour and type of wig you would like to use. Different types of wigs are available to doll makers, and on the All About Dolls site they provide the option of buying either synthetic Mohair wigs, or human hair wigs. Human hair wigs are custom order, so make sure you know exactly what you want before you order it. An A-Z menu on the page of the different types of wigs that come in multiple sizes, makes the buying experience easy for users. You will need to measure the size of your dolls head to make sure that you order the right size and that it will be a nice fit before purchasing. All About Dolls is a great place to find wigs for your porcelain dolls with an easy to navigate website and helpful pictures to guide you in your decision making process.

Doll Makers Forum

Doll Makers Forum is a place for doll makers and collectors of hand crafted porcelain dolls as well as hobbyists alike to be able to discuss topics based on doll making. Topics range from molds and how to pour it, to information on different types of porcelain doll patterns. Some of the posts are quite recent with ones from the 15th of October this year. This site is a great source of information, primarily on doll molds, and the perfect place to network with other doll makers. Anyone can submit follow ups/comments to the forum posts. As a general resource the page itself is quite long and a bit hard to read. Doll Makers Forum also have other pages that are primarily for commercial use for selling and buying dolls as well as one for doll trades from one owner to another, and may be handy if you need some cheap doll making supplies. If you can take the time to go through each forum post to find the content that you need this site may be of use for you, otherwise it may be better to find an easier page to navigate through for information.